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Kundalini: The WordY FrYdaY NerdY!

absolutely bunkum!

The term Kundalini comes from Kunda, which means a circular object. Usually Kunda is used for artificial water bodies which are circular in shape. They are small ponds. Kundal is a term evolved from Kunda and it simply means circular shaped amulets worn in ears or around wrists. The suffix ‘ini’ is used for feminine things–so Kundal and ini make Kundalini. It generally stands for a feminine natural force which is mysterious and circular in shape and resides at the base of spine in every human being.

The yogic lore is full of hymns addressed to this mysterious force. Russian mystic George Gurdjieff used to say that this tool was put as a buffer in the ancient man and it makes humans fulfil their desires via dreams and imaginations instead of actualizing them in reality–but later on it was removed from the design and still people imagine it to…

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