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May 7, 2017 (Julian 127) Libra Moon + Critical Election in France

Irregular Oracle

May 7, 2017 (Julian 127) Libra Moon + Critical Election in France

Lunar aspects are few with the Libra Moon today.  About 11 AM CDT Moon (Libra) trines Mars (Gemini).  This is a good time to get things done, but most people will tend to chat.  About 4 PM CDT Moon forms a quincunx with Neptune (Pisces) and miscommunications and glitches grab us; we are still in the “shadow” period after Mercury Retrograde ends (this will be with us until May 20th).  Near 6 PM Moon joins Jupiter (Retrograde in Libra).  Expect an important announcement from France about this time.

Outers are complex, but we see Juno (trust, women) sesquiquadrate Ceres (food; prosperity).  Big issues between these two, and you can bet this will show in the election in France.  Ceres also forms a sesquiquadrate with Astraea (law and legal systems), and this will also been in play.  All of…

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