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Astrological Musings & More

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Sun with sunglasses

In the northern hemisphere, we’ve been enjoying the lengthening of the daylight. Even though I consider myself a “night owl”, I feel invigorated by the Sun bringing long days and short nights.

The Sun, in astrology, represents ambition, pride, leadership, self-expression, determination, confidence, courage, and creative ability – to name a few. As opposed to your Ascendant or Rising Sign, which represents the mask you wear to the outside world, your Sun sign represents who you are at your core. You may never share that part of you, keeping your mask on at all times, but still the qualities of your Sun sign speak to who you are in this lifetime.

The energies of the Sun help us to create, achieve, sustain, promote, gives hope and brings illumination, if we allow it.

Although there are many things to consider, when learning about ones natal astrology, just like the Sun in…

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