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Monday Forecast: Week of April 26, 2010

The obvious big event is Wednesday’s Full Moon, which is most fully expressed Tuesday evening in the U.S.  For more on the Full Moon, see below.


Monday is characterized by frustration.  They day seems ordinary, except that nothing has been ordinary.  The “normal” day lately has included either an earthquake, volcano, explosion, tornado, or some other disaster we have not yet thought about.  What’s next?  Who can say?

But, exclusive of the recently routine disasters, Monday will seem mostly frustrating.

Aries: A good day to perhaps watch rather than lead.

Taurus: Sounds like everyone understands, but they don’t.  Watch for Miscommunications.

Gemini: You should lay low until your birthday.  Your day is coming, but not yet.

Cancer: People irritate you.  Taurus is your best ally at the moment.

Leo: Mars still plagues you.  Watch your temper.  Read Aries, above.

Virgo: You have a potential for some advantage under these circumstances, but do not push it too far.

Libra: Yuck.  Read Taurus.  Wait til Friday if you can.

Scorpio: Wednesday is your Day; expect to benefit from opposition.  Wait til then.

Sadge: Wait til Friday.  Make friends with Libra but do not get sucked into Monday’s micro-drama.

Cap: Read Cancer.  Read Aries, too.

Aquarius: Do *NOT* give in to your temptation to “help” someone.  You’ll become the victim.  Wait til Friday.

Pisces: Similar to Scorpio; ally yourself with Scorpio on Wednesday.  Lay low the rest of the week.

Full Moon of April 28, 2010

This is an early Taurus / Scorpio Full Moon that mostly affects those born on or near this date or on or near Halloween. To be sure, it aligns with the Saturn in Scorpio / Pluto in Capricorn alignment of the Focused Yod of the 2012 Winter’s Solstice (8 Scorpio). So, things happening here will probably tie to this date.  Here is a clickable chart of the Full Moon:

A note: anybody with a planet, especially Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, at 8 degrees of anything will tend to be affected by this full moon. Not sure? Get a natal chart for free from Astrolabe.

Fixed signs are most affected: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Leo / Aquarius finds this to be an annoying time but also a time to ‘get things done.”

Capricorn has Pluto for the next twenty years or so, so Capricorns are wrestling with the many faces of Pluto (Death, Taxes, “other people’s money,” Wills & Inheritances, oil and wells, mines and underground things, poisons, chemistry, drugs (legal and illegal), intelligence agencies, spies, assassins, and many things “black”.  However, Pluto probably does not apply to “Black” in the racial sense.)   So, Caps, you find this full moon particularly “activates” you. This is a good time to conduct an audit but a very bad time to be audited.

Cancerians pick up some flavor of this as well, but the energy is not quite as hard on them. If you work from home, and pad your expense account, then you may be caught. If you work from home, and research for others, then this could be a very good time for you.

Libra and Aries find this to be a very financially focused time. The Mercury Retrograde is “enhanced, and “things” are misplaced (or possibly Found!). Make this work for you by being meticulous. Double check your work, and you may find something very important.

Virgo and Pisces can benefit from the drama that will surround this full moon, but Gemini / Sadge should wait until Friday. Virgo / Pisces will see others present opportunity here: money could be made. Gemini and Sadge is best advised to wait this one out. And, again, if you are Gemini then wait until your birthday to make any major shifts.

Thursday and Friday

These days look much like Monday. Fire signs get some relief. Aries / Libra, Leo / Aquarius, and Gemini / Sadge get a breather on Friday (but not Thursday).

Thursday makes everybody look at their diet, budget, and physical and fiscal waist. Financial markets could see reversal on Thursday and/or Friday. This tends to be be a seller’s market. Water signs see potential career advancement roughly 10am CDT on Thursday. Generally, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are strongest on Thursday.

And, the rest is the subject of another blog entry.